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Weekend Batch — DevOps Training Online

DevOps integrates developers and operation teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automation infrastructure, automation workflows and continuously application performance. DevOps helps You deliver the best user experience possible and benefits your company by increasing the frequency of deployments of your software and services. DevOps Helps to improve performance and quickly release of application. As rapid delivery of software has become a strategic business asset, progressive IT organizations are pursuing a DevOps culture, where development and operations teams, systems, and tools work in lockstep. By aligning goals and sharing tools and strategies, you can improve velocity and code quality, allowing you to innovate faster.
In this course, we look at the necessity of DevOps and how a DevOps transformation can help focus on value and streamlined delivery of your software. We will also cover concepts like Automation, tools & technology which play huge roles in DevOps success;


  • Basic understanding of linux/unix system concepts
  • Familiarity with Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Familiarity with a Text Editor
  • Experience with managing systems/applications/infrastructure or with deployments/automation


From – 20th May
Weekends – 8:00 AM to 11 AM (Sat & Sun)
Duration – 30 Hours Live and Interactive
Course Fee – INR 25K

scmGalaxy Advantage

1. Known, Qualified and Experienced DevOps Trainer
2. Life time access to Live Interactive Session
3. 30 Hours instructor led online class
4. Hands on Approach – We emphasise on learning by doing.
5. 80% of the class is consist of Lab
6. Life time free access to all learning materials including
            Class recordings
            Presentations & Slides
            Sample Code
            Projects & Assignments
            Interview Kit

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