Top 5 Application Performance Management Tools

This is the age of applications. We are using various applications in our day-to-day life to get our things done or to get information and for various other things. Therefore, applications are now playing a vital role in our life and so that for today’s businesses. In these days organisations whether they are small or large they somehow rely upon applications for there marketing, customer relations or engagements or to reach them directly and for various other reasons. Therefore, it’s really important to manage application performance so that business runs smoothly and generate productivity continuously and users can get what they want. Simply means to say everyone benefits when applications run at their best.

But, how to know is your application is performing well or not ? You can not test them manually every time or You can not wait when the users will call the customer support with issues. Right?

So, Here comes the solution “Application Performance Management” Tools. Let’s see what it is and it’s importance ?

Application performance management or APM is a kind of practice Read more click here

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Puppet Course | Online Training | Special Offer | scmGalaxy

Puppet is a Configuration Management tool that is used for deploying, configuring and managing servers. In other words you can say that puppet can be used for an entire life of a server, starting from bootstrapping a server, to shredding and giving up a server. Puppet has been awarded the Best DevOps Tool for Open Source at the 2017 DevOps Excellence Awards.

Why to learn Puppet?

  • Normally most of the configuration management tool, deploy the required configuration on a machine, and leave them as it is. But puppet keeps on verifying the configuration at a specified interval(which you can modify as per requirement).
  • Puppet defines the configurations for a host with the help of a language which is very easy to learn and is only used for that purpose.
  • Puppet is used by major players in the industry like Google,red hat etc.
  • Larger open-source developer base
  • Wide number of platforms are supported in puppet.
  • Its works very smooth, even when deployed in a large infrastructure(thousands of hosts to manage)

Now, the question is where to learn Puppet?

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DevOps Course Online Training | scmGalaxy

DevOps is one of the trending topic these days in IT or Software industry. Every big and small enterprises wants to adopt or implement DevOps in their work culture. Therefore, the demand of the DevOps engineers and architect increasing day by day.

This is the time for software or IT professionals to grab this opportunity with both hands and enhance their skills and grow their career graph as a DevOps engineer or architect and make most out of it.

Now, the question here is how to make yourself ready for this culture?

Here is the answer, You can get yourself trained and groom for DevOps culture by enrolling scmGalaxy’s especially designed DevOps courses.

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Interview Questions on Git, Github and Gitlab

Read out top interview questions on Git, Github and Gitlab which is very much commonly asked in interviews.

  • What is GIT?
  • What is a repository in GIT?
  • What is the command you can use to write a commit message?
  • What is the difference between GIT and SVN and other CM systems?
    Answers –
    Cheap Local Branching
    Everything is Local
    Git is Fast
    Git is Small
    The Staging Area
    Any Workflow
    Easy to Learn
    Git is the new standard
  • What are the advantages of using GIT?
    Read More click here

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Top 10 DevOps Tools which is mostly used by DevOps Engineers

DevOps is an important component for software industry today. Developing and implementing a DevOps culture helps to focus IT results and to save time and money as the gap between developers and IT operations teams closes. Just as the term and culture are new, so are many of the best DevOps tools these DevOps engineers use to do their jobs efficiently and productively. To help you in your DevOps process, we have searched and created this list of DevOps tools which is mostly used by DevOps Engineers in their projects.

1. Chef

Chef is an extremely popular tool among DevOps engineers. From IT automation to configuration management, Read more click here

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20 useful tools for web developers

Read about 20 useful sites and tools which are useful for web developers.
NEWS: Keep up with industry trends and developments
DailyJS: This site offers daily JavaScript news and tutorials in a simple, highly readable format.
HTML5Weekly: Those in the know sign up for this free weekly Wednesday newsletter, a curated selection of news about HTML5 and other web platform technology. Fun fact: each issue also contains job listings.
Hacker News: Y Combinator’s reddit-style web technology forum is replete with need-to-know news on all things development. Create a free account if you want to participate by upvoting interesting stories and partaking in discussions. Read more click here
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